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Ah my Goddess
Ah my Goddess
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Sun ray in the woods

Sun ray in the woods
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Sun ray in the woods

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Listening to Mozart's music can make your baby smarter power to stimulate the development of the human brain , there are two : a brain hormone , can promote synapse growth factor "development ; the second external stimuli .
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Mozart's music is indeed baby spatial intelligence , and the reason is because of its musical form balanced and symmetrical , a rigorous style format the United States , but also contribute to the rational analysis of brain and cognitive intelligence .
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Put some melodic classical music to him from time to time in the child three months ago , the day , every 15 minutes . Allows the child about six months , playing music of the time can be appropriately extended , too sonorous and the frenzied music should not be to your child , from the fast paced , full of anger to soothe and smooth , elegant sounds of a variety of styles The children listen .
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Music to bad mood regulation

Music is the human spirit the indispensable part in life. Beethoven said: "music should make the human spirit broke into spark." Appreciate the music first

is a kind of enjoyment, can regulate the people's life, plays the role of entertainment.
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Music why can adjust the person's mood? Modern neurophysiology confirmed that music influence directly affect the limbic system namely "emotional brain", and

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From a physical action speaking, music is a regular acoustic, can coordinate the rhythm of the human body each organ, stimulate the ability of the body.

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peristalsis, heart is beating, tension and relaxation, shrinkage and stretch, these vibration has certain rhythm, like the clock is a regular, rhythmical.

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Super soft dishcloth with AEGIS microbial shield cleaning solo finish and control bacteria.

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Benefits of learning music : learning music of great benefit to the child's growth , it has by educators and child psychologists generally recognized the .[url=][b]beats by dre outlet[/b][/url],
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[url=][b]monster beats outlet[/b][/url].Does not stop there , after a child 's intellect and accomplishment improve the quality of life in the future will undoubtedly be optimized . They are less likely to appreciate the vulgar stuff , is not easy to feel boredom .
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Violin is more humane than other instruments children , it is relatively close to the human voice can be high , can be tactful , can be short , can be lengthy ;[url=][b]dre beats outlet[/b][/url], sometimes in full swing , sometimes Ruqirusu . Violin vibration people's hearts , to muster the imagination of the people . She , unlike other instruments , like a machine .
[url=][b]beats outlet[/b][/url]. Violin metal cold feeling , there is no sense of hard metal , it can be a group of Zhi - hot fire , an emotional catharsis , an unstoppable torrent .
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Violin has so many advantages, but on the child's requirements are very high.
[url=][b]cheap beats by dr dre[/b][/url].Children must have good listening skills and musical savvy, plus the head eye ear with both hands of a high degree of coordination, to understand the mysteries of the violin at all. But these challenges also brought rewards.
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[url=][b]beats by dre outlet[/b][/url]. Other instruments also have its advantages, such as piano and acoustic training is very good. But, in contrast, violins that our strengths are self-evident, which is why there are so many people learning the violin, why Chief served as only by violinist of the Orchestra. Although people who do not quite understand the violin was invented, however, this genius of musical instrument does is the pride of the progress of human civilization.
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Fashion is a healthy representative

Fashion is a healthy representative, whether refers to people's dressing, building features or avant-garde words, novel modelling and so on can say the symbol of fashion.
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Music art characteristics

Music art is vivid, bright, and misty, abstract;
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Music - the composer carefully compose works, after performer carefully sing, strike, which appear in front of the audience, and was the audience feel music, is actually a specific sound process, a variety of elements combined with a, culvert carrying a certain life contents, thoughts and feelings, active, flow, organization and orderly sound process, it been satisfied, the function in people's hearing, cause people all sorts of corresponding life, emotional experience and lenovo, make the person then into the art aesthetic position, and to obtain some kind of spiritual enjoyment and satisfaction.
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Music is the art of voice; As the music art material voice, is a detached the natural prototype special sound system.
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Let the baby listen to music

The children age, their strong rhythm and beautiful concert produce positive reaction. Some children can make similar dance movement, also some children have a similar singing voice response.
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In two years, can not only pay attention to listen to music, you can feel the simple music works.
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Three years old children have more appreciate the enthusiasm of music, music can cause emotional resonance, happy and lively music make children happy, quiet music make children mood calm.
[url=][b]cheap beats by dre[/b][/url].But their music works to the feelings of the sexual mass is not easy to understand, they listen to music when most attention is often the theme of the performance characteristic factors.
[url=][b]beats by dre outlet[/b][/url]. Such as simulation sexual prelude, end, the image of the accompaniment figure, etc. But listen to march, cradle song or happy dance to music with sound traveling, hold the doll, glad to have to dance, etc.[url=][b]dre beats outlet[/b][/url],
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Three years old children already can identify music works of speed change, their actions can along with the music speed changes.
[url=][b]cheap dre beats[/b][/url]. Three years old children perception strength and the change of register and difficulties, such as music melody in the treble to register and low, must in the adult guidance know bird fly fast, the bird singing sound is high, and the elephant heavy thick voice is low.
[url=][b]cheap beats[/b][/url],
[url=][b]cheap beats by dre[/b][/url].Three years old children's memory is gradually formed, they can remember songs, mainly by closely combining the adjustment with music lyrics, the most easy to remember is onomatopoeia.
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