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Space invaders
Space invaders
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descargar Fondos de pantalla de Spiderman 3 3 gratis
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Spiderman 3 3

Spiderman 3 3
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Spiderman 3 3

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For the provider that serves to traditional IT, the environment that they face did not serve this like the cloud complex, face user demand to also serve without the cloud so complex. What problem does the enterprise face in our transition process? Ask China the number above all, you know Dean Xu all of us understands China number quite should be to face transition twice, should be 2000 for the first time first when, we no matter be cent sells the business that does such platform,by the likelihood does us traditionally, to us IT service makes transition, this is very successful. The cloud serves arrival now, to now from last year China number also did the work of such a lot of transition, among this process, what to have you feel to be faced with the biggest question to perhaps challenge us to introduce simply. </p><p>Xu Xiao: Consign mode and cost of service of use mode use cloud got reducing, IT served demand to get the promotion of certain level. Actually traditional IT manufacturer faces two parts, what a part has bit of similar tradition is compositive, what I make systematic construction and system is compositive. A key that a moment ago hertz doctor tells the 2nd part, more press close to is final user. The person that from IT system builder change is the operation of IT system, offer more immediate value for the client. Actually this two respects need change, on one hand I feel to have what needed everybody to take seriously at 2 o'clock, the a bitth actually we need to understand client requirement deeplier. Below a new environment, what business is put to the cloud appropriate, what kind of business puts the cloud to fall appropriate? 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This is us the union that goes up to give him further to discover new technology in the demand basis that understands a client is nodded, we say this is the first problem, how do you find the combinative place of client demand and new technology to provide better advisory service for him. </p><p>The 2nd what I feel a moment ago hertz doctor is told is quite good, ability of alleged and integrated IT, the possibility that he discusses is alleged make make good actual strength, . We discover form of new course of study falls very strong to integrated IT ability, integrated IT ability is we are offerred for the client one-stop service. I can be offerred to him seek advice, I understand his requirement more, I can give the system that he provides a tradition compositive professional work, IT serves business, application software development, let him can more on the point that emphasizes him business practice. If regard builder as this very important at 2 o'clock. </p><p>The person that serve as an operation, what is China number the next 10 years constitutionally mainly, it is to depend on us constitutionally pure IT service cannot have satisfied client requirement, future we think confluence serves is prospective development direction. We had begun the construction that blocks like the citizen and operation coinstantaneous service in a lot of cities. Not simply the construction that we block as the citizen, also do a citizen to block operation such trend. </p><p>Wen Fang: The Liu Zong that you a moment ago said to used friend with us this at 2 o'clock mentions this more similar at 2 o'clock, the first it is a center with the client, was similar to Liu Zong to mention open mode to innovate at 2 o'clock, or you this is mentioned is shirt-sleeve innovation. This also is us a lot of enterprises pay close attention to, what go in the transition process that we also know to Hua Shengtian is become also is to making a service actually is faster, there also is better progress this year. We the end of the year, strategy that the beginning of the year makes this year was adjusted last year, there also is better performance this year, ask land always here talk about us what problem is faced in transition. </p><p>Liu Zhihong: Actually the biggest to me challenge serves as namely appear on the market company your investment yields with yours, of your time patient degree how many to have. It is exceedingly important that inside an IT company everybody stresses innovation, we are become in Hua Shengtian for we shift integrated service firm from the part of a of in the past compositive manufacturer. Did not come to our company two old strategies are very clear, it is with the client oriented, how the product us, the mode of our operation, can deliver the service that we share finance together with the client to our client. Because I feel the basiccest core for computation of a cloud is the ability of its service, its integrated ability, its product innovation ability. If you are to do not have this kind of product for all today company, you include to resemble safe question for henceforth, the problem of a few management can be taken. So we increase us to be in ceaselessly the innovation of own product side. It is the most important that in this cloud actually computation, cloud serves may as well it is a standard, the country also did not publish a first-rate standard now. We also are to hope to have an alliance, how abroad how the demand that how the business mode that technology of calculative of a few outstanding clouds combines it and operation mode use this kind of Chinese client is integrated it is very important to be together. </p><p class="f_center"></p><p>Hua Shengtian is become our trend is additionally abroad, the southeast Asia area that we must go to the product of ourselves and the concept that our serve showing us still has global client it may not be a bad idea, how to bring Chinese client to enjoy a newest technology the concept of their a few good operation way and operation. The progress that says Hua Shengtian becomes future so is base oneself upon moves toward the world at China, go developing the own product of ourselves ceaselessly, go we are opposite aggrandizement this kind of sticky spends the client, serve IT and finance very good union is together. How does service of cloud computation, cloud did not come even if finance change IT, how capitalization. Purchase the car, value that purchases a room to enjoy IT system to be created for your business ahead of schedule, this is my idea. </p><p>Wen Fang: Thank land always, you throw these two questions to these two honored guests, one is a standard, one is foreign experience, I feel these two honored guests have more right to speak, week secretary-general talks. </p><p>Zhou Ping: Lend this opportunity the shares two parts point of view that I think to a moment ago land always says, transition of the first respecting actually we look round the level that IT company grows. We are the standards that begin the service that do IT from 9 years, actually we discover the company will tell at present the most important it is two phase, one is product service is changed, the most typical its ERP transition that resembles be being mentioned with friend this afternoon. The 2nd it is the level that service product changes, this is both have more difference actually, do not do here deeper of one pace discuss. The 3rd problem that serves standardization namely, actually eye comes round to tell you to want serve him to want to make an industry, must want to solve him all problems that produce the standardization among link process. I cite a case, produce the plant of the car e.g. us, if production line is not standardized, the product that can imagine he is produced is how. We are two years since discussing this issue, this is to share the first point of view, to the view of whole development phase. </p><p class="f_center"></p><p>Transition of the 2nd our industry turns toward where after all, my view, actually we see the complete lifecycle of whole information system tell, front is advisory link, development is among, carry dimension is from the back, to the operation among process of application of whole information system this level looks, that is from us one is to participate in national policy to make, still metric system is decided, still the industry is connected today in light of data no matter be traditional system,compositive company turns to both ends, one is the operation that front seeks advice from to carry with back end dimension still has last name, mix into this kind of trend like Hua Shengtian oriented and special apparent. Why so do? Still be the essence that respecting serves, serve us to look from two latitude, the service is Party B the service is in light of the perspective, the service is not in light of Party A perspective, assure the operation of Party A however. Advisory trade operation also is 40% , carry dimension also is such, compositive development our operation is in substantially drop. This is why the enterprise is in transition. </p><p>Respecting today's topic, a moment ago land always speaks of standard problem, when actually we are done from ITSS, labour believes a ministry to pay close attention to this thing very much. From the problem that when beginning, has thought of cloud computation standard works, I expand with everybody from technical level. This year on April 5 when, the country pledges check total bureau released national economy classification of occupation formally, here face contains cloud calculative content entirely. Include SaaS, PaaS, IaaS3 to plant typical pattern is inside. As labour letter ministry is told, had done this work between whole industry statistic, be present the enterprise always involves the data that to cloud computation your newspaper of this business comes up to have. But the fixed position that should give him between national economy classification of occupation alone in national level in the light of cloud computation is unlikely, IT develops and operation is an expert more very, know its rule quite, this year is cloud computation, it is whats do not know next year. From the point of whole service essence, I am right a moment ago land always here a such viewpoints share the problem and the complement of important information. </p><p>In the link of this problem I have a proposal finally, I hope everybody sees national economy classification of occupation, the face serves the classification of course of study about IT here, why? This will involve next your enterprises to be in taxation, the country throws the content with market demand level in research and development. I know may major company is making a program, especially 925 programs, the program that compares you comparatively because of national level even lag, the program that this environment goes to seeing this standard adjust you did not concern. Because later he will involve you to be among national economy classification of occupation your advocate what is business Wu, your product line is which. </p><p>Wen Fang: Thank week of secretary-general, there still are a few links to discuss a few levels that our cloud serves technically below us. Wang Zong here, the enterprise outside also a moment ago mentioning us to have a lot of states actually includes a government to there is a few to may be worth us to draw lessons from a few practices quite in transition process. Introduce simply to us, to what there is to be worth us here with the United States domestic company includes us to be present the honored guest pays close attention to everybody quite, you give introduction of all of us. </p><p>Wang Lu: Land always speaks of an industry alliance, we are organized this is an industry alliance, american computer guild has the whole world inside whole ICT domain namely 20 thousand company, not be common interest, can divide into different group. Wanting to share today is specific the word to the problem, there are 1000 enterprises to do so similar activity probably in Washington this year from us, very serious topic for discussion can see cloud computation is very popular topic. Return land to always speak of industrial alliance, do what business, I cite a simple case, transition is us in process of transition of computation of cloud of a lot of enterprises, very specific it is a salesperson, when he sells his product and service so, sell the product that go out to go consign uses very long period of time. The computation of whole now cloud, whole process becomes pattern of a kind of insurance. Your salesperson can become insurance pattern, bill is very small, but persistent method, make 1000 money one year, hand in 229 years, the management of the salesperson in this process, groom whole pattern changed. Sell so go out to eat one year, half an year, now monadlist decrescent, go selling continuously, you are whole how is the sale done. </p><p class="f_center"></p><p>The 2nd your project is among whole service process, the PC with their original ability stores to network, server the cloud is calculated, technology of whole engineer staff and ability promotion change whole tiring-room also is very big. Sell after going out, how serve next, this also is different. </p><p>So we do not talk big, I say specific if these companies are interior, we actually this I feel I want how to think even if bring our experience. We did 4 cloud calculative to groom on this meeting, not be to talking way any more, not be to saying macroscopical thing, we are telling comrades to one invites a honored guest, it is all honored guests have fun at below listening, how to do your salesperson to groom, the salesperson grooms how should be done. Using whole engineer framework and arrangement is how to be built, having a lot of companies is not to do the cloud to calculate solely, offer such thing that sums up a gender finally. Personnel is some inside, it is to have, how be a center according to client demand, after transition the echelon formation at the back of you, how whole program is built. We are to have industry alliance, have personnel sharing, is not alone big, alarming also, the market still does not know how to return a responsibility, it is sharing each other, have a system of course sharing. Hua Shengtian is become in this respect domain he has one dedicated, we let him tell tell this domain, for instance China number is in this industry or the PaaS that this mode does is waited a moment, he this mode how. I feel to have a few senses may be below a few not be very big company, you interpret a meaning to Gu Ge and Microsoft not quite, he has his thing, like Yamaxun this is planted is very big, they made a lot of services in this domain at medium and small businesses. </p><p>To a lot of medium and small businesses they need very much such a few groom, specific the personnel to them, specific to the framework such grooming I feel the likelihood is significant, we also have a consideration. </p><p>Wen Fang: From the point of this angle, it is our manufacturer has the experience that consults to you not only, we also need to learn to learn such conception with person of the same trade of our United States as Chinese computer guild, such reframe is similar comparison discuss deep. </p><p>A moment ago everybody mentions the demand with the client to be a center in the process that chat a such concepts, also be us all enterprises are doing. If so I think the 2nd round, the problem should be we are now under the frame that whole cloud serves, what kind of a few change does our user demand produce? They are opposite the likelihood safe demand is higher, or gender, convenient to be being used easily sexual demand is higher. They ask more users experience, this also is we need to think as the enterprise. Be present please everybody is shared, the change of a few demand that feel among your job. </p><p>Liu Zhihong: What a moment ago a few leaders tell is very right, we come up against a client now is to mention very new a few requirements, for this kind of requirement why I want the appeal to have a level, the cloud is calculated for now everybody need not talk direction, need not talk about a technology, the cloud does not have what technology, how does the cloud just help you go be born, your production that how raise him finally. We are the biggest now a bewilderment also is to hope the country has a level, make our client serves it may not be a bad idea, executive flow may as well according to a kind of standard with us. </p><p>The 2nd the biggest challenge is the client follows completely different before, financial service is very much, purchase a service, buy a product, now is one-stop, also bring them capacity of your banking service, this is the change of a client. at 2 o'clock, it is the personnel of a technology to you, it is carry dimension not just, it is to know IT not just, understand the technological process of whole business however. I talk about my sale mode, where is the user that talks about me, how to help me come to information gather up with IT, reveal come out, our cloud effect, the effect that we manage. </p><p>What I feel a moment ago Wang Zong is told is very right, actually the biggest now challenge is pair of ourselves insider, how to go respond to the client's need quickly. It is very important that we consider comprehensive sex talent to be for our sale group to comprehensive sex talent now. Say our user so a few idea, his jumping-off place is different. </p><p>Come additionally when saying we speak of the cloud serve, do fictitious change also serve as a cloud, will do an automation to also call the cloud the service tomorrow, will do a business government to also call the cloud the service tomorrow, you will have to use a system easily tomorrow, I can use the means that rent each month pays you to serve cost to reveal come out. Plant to this is being become like Hua Shengtian especially for the enterprise for the enterprise, it is very important to be present to ability of one each body, make our sale can turn comprehensive sex into the talent. </p><p>The 2nd, we saw his business is exceedingly perpendicular among each enterprise in the past, after when the cloud computation comes out, the cloud serves yourself interior to be able to do resource conformity, also be we think among seasonable devoted business on one hand. I very hold with Wang Zong to tell, we how integrated and in-house resource is offerred one-stop the service gives a client, how to make him core competition ability this kind of level, this is I feel to let us a few IT enterprises of Chinese also are need consideration. </p><p>Especially I was in American company in the past, the part of manufacturer and agent produces very big change inside the time that goes Hua Shengtian feels into even if coming now. Past is to provide operation service, software service with firm concept, manufacturer characteristic is given priority to. Really they are world bibcock, become distinguishing feature of a few products in the light of the product, chinese user emphasizes more and more is integrated ability, can outstanding product and service conformity are together inside a few abroad, I believe is us the problem that enterprise of all China IT pays close attention to. </p><p>Wen Fang: The dean that ask Xu here talk about China number to have what kind ofly to think? </p><p>Xu Xiao: What land always tells is very complete, our client has change was worth to pay close attention to at 3 o'clock, the first it is he pays close attention to business to arrive at a gender more, it is the development that IT serves to promote business for business. The 2nd pay attention to an experience more namely, the 3rd pay attention to cost more actually, not be cost of course low however the flexibility of cost, the goes promoting oneself IT that how can last serves, is not one hammer business fails after all, compared apparent change this at 3 o'clock. For oneself at 2 o'clock, is more thorough become knowledge for client demand, only more thorough knowledge makes more practical plan, the 2nd it is one-stop plan, make a client directer and convenient get the service that wants to him. </p><p>Wen Fang: Because of us the 2nd link may be more now the demand that is attention user, so I feel two introductions are very special and comprehensive. I think this problem must talk about the standard below, no matter be our standard organization, actually two companies also participate in metric system to decide a process in. Industry includes media to also serve a standard about Yu Yun all sorts of favorable views, special attention. We know a lot of people ask us, the circumstance that the metric system that cloud computation cloud serves works surely how, the progress case that in this link I consider to week secretary-general introduces here face probably to us. </p><p>Zhou Ping: The topic that a moment ago you mention tells me at present in abroad should be say it to be clear about, we work this did a lot of years. Wang Zong is in the United States the also is a few similar statuses job there, I want to be summed up a moment ago land summation Dean Xu here the problem that speak of, involve the another issue of train of thought of whole standardization job. All the time we are talking about two problems, one serves namely, china number can serve to distribute me entirely, all outside the bag gives you, this is a kind of mode. Your upper reaches, downstream problem. The 2nd problem is the conformity of the service, resemble carrying Cheng, through IT conformity all finance, meal, accommodation is similar this kind of service is inside. Big environment of this and whole China is relative, we spend a year of time discussion to standardize requirement, hua Shengtian is become and China number here early days throws a large number of force to share this work. </p><p>Do we discover what a problem is? Above all actually we do a standard to have requirement of a premise in home, you should have industrial technology, have two, one is ability of your technical research and development, still have your service. Research and development of this kind of technology actually a moment ago land always the has offerred cloud computation to have key of a special core secondhand technology there, it is fictitious turn this idea. In the end we are in till now from 9 years standard this, the cloud is calculated this concept is talking now, how to realize this problem. The standard will tell us to should tell user and market, serve a provider to tell especially, so the first standard is a foundation kind standard. Cloud calculative consults model, what is cloud computation. The 2nd standard is cloud computation relevant technology and product, the model is fictitious inside this change, still have load balanced, load management. Still have like data center, leave generation data center especially, the green data center that everybody promotes now a such standards. The 3rd standard is this to serve operation, how consign my service, how to undertake administrative to the cloud, how to have plan cost. Finally is safe, make field survey now, the person that has 70% for certain can ask I use issue of cloud calculative safety. Look round we were used near the time with much half an year, pass with expert discussion, the cloud is calculated this industry includes to believe ministry, hair to change like labour appoint began to turn cloud calculative demonstrative city in 5 cities last year. Problem of cloud calculative safety is not technical issue, the point of view that I express the problem that it should be social responsibility. The a bit simplest, big housekeeping money is naughty treasure, pay treasure, don't you worry about its safety? Worry for certain, but the risk of safety happening and the value that you get serving, the user can choose. Construction of sincere letter system matchs he and whole society, the standard will tell is a foundation, one is a country industry government is needed, this is the first kind. The 2nd it is finance produces class, the 3rd it is a service, the 4th it is safe. At present progress looks, I am international Organization for Standardization the secretary here, go sharing the business of international standard. </p><p>The United States here such a few organizations, come over to see a few companies, include to resemble IBM, HP, Intel waiting. In the first standard that framework level becomes cloud calculative basis actually, the 2nd standard is cloud computation the current requirement on a referenced technology. The technology that you offer as cloud computation should achieve what kind of index requirement, this is a standard. International standard is in next month when the concerned order that just can enter policy. What effect does the face produce here? We mention delivery of a service a concept. Actually I look round Hua Shengtian is become today and the leader of China number is in, actually I hope our home company, you need a standard, but should be the business that devoted and more force is doing really. Either one a day, month, however 35 years of ability are OK an its dust be born. </p><p>Of the myself that sees between international team what is experiencing? Such person of the same trade always asks IBM, HP me, say why Chinese enterprise should make a standard, I come over to ask them, why IBM should seize a standard, IBM gives me optimal answer is IBM making standard and international standard is the whole world unified consign. Cloud calculative mode, the big company that I feel to resemble us also should have such confidence and level of determination trend international. I am accompanied without the person when wanting to fight, it is myself. I should spend half day time possibly to say my think of a way to be clear about, but later I need an expert group to support me. We coordinate the issue that guards a pass with the risk in we or an organization on standard link, specific work is the problem of the enterprise. </p><p>We make two standards now, one is the service that faces data center, go to it doing to the direction of the cloud now, we hope the expert inside better job shares collective opinion, this is one appeals to beg. The 2nd build this in policy standard system namely, special resemble technology of safe, core, next meetings from whole and fictitious turn load management, cloud safety, the key is attention the privacy of the user protects this among cloud safety, these a few latitude work. In this level field, should be me to everybody the explanation is clear about, because oneself have this is compulsory, this is my own job. I also thank Sai Di to build this platform, appeal to mine seek the company that also tells us to be present. Actually we this also is better interactive, build a platform everybody is done here jointly a few share. The standard is very actually simple, I think China number participates in ITSS more than two years to come is prodigy is experienced absolutely, of the bewilderment that I think to the thing to the standard still has me in the round a few state, thank. </p><p>Wen Fang: The content that you interpret has been compared comprehensive, had cast an olive, after passing today's meeting should your expert group can expand rise, also hope to be present everybody should support the GB in us to be made definitely. After having this premise, we should learn more to the United States, no matter the United States is the consciousness that government or enterprise have standard go ahead of the rest, also be to hold advantageous position of very tall speech. Do not know Wang Zong has what experience to be shared with us, I see a research reports recently, serve a field about the cloud, american government prepares to help a few private companies make cloud safety a series of standard, also can promote each cloud to serve trader between the crossing-over of data, each other is used, each other move. Knowing is true, what I look is a report those who go up. This thing should be to be worth us no matter China is metric system the place that calm group or our enterprise deserve to learn, you are shared to us. </p><p>Wang Lu: Say two aspects, on one hand the manner that I feel the government is particularly open now. We are organized this is orgnaization of a civilian battalion, be not gain orgnaization, american government uses us a lot of words make a standard for him. This in establishing whole level procedure from American angle for, I feel is an enterprise it is a client, I feel this is the a bitth, must be countless enterprises make cartel together, participate in make a standard, this is occupation standard. </p><p>Wen Fang: The client is a center with business demand. </p><p>Wang Lu: The enterprise is a client. The 2nd make as a child, dedicated make, everybody feels the United States and Europe are very advanced, we organize participation business is as a child the standard is done, you see is him 15 years later. First a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure is small, he is done not have so clever, also did not say very comprehensive, think very before look up, such this business not doing. It is everybody does little, rise repeatedly next. </p><p>Client of the first cause is clearer, the 2nd means that become begins as a child namely, begin e.g. project of very specific certain. You after one focusing very clear can hold circuit company, you are to pay what kind of company after all, they have the comparison of specialty, one focusing has circuit company, you pay circuit company after them, when making a standard according to a methodology, this is a standard above the dot, serve this industry namely, it is satisfactory, very happy. You keep making such its time after he is happy, a lot of enterprises are satisfactory, happy. The enterprise is a client, choose to cut a dot smally correctly to begin to do, another correct methodology, those who keep is duplicate, duplicate on 10 years 5 years everybody is made for Chinese cloud computation etc, everybody is approbated, collectivity is serving. The 2nd pair of companies will tell, I feel our meeting 34 years ago deeply to go up, all of us also is talking about pattern of a few direction, computation talking about the cloud, industry, had not talked about this thing now. The range is very sophisticat
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