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Exodus 1
Exodus 1
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Soda Stereo

Soda Stereo
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Soda Stereo

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<p>Chinese people bank released afterwards [url=]gucci outlets[/url] on October 28 " pay an orgnaization to advance card business runs way (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , after imprest to multipurpose commerce card undertakes superintendency, department of Commerce on November 23 " only utility business advances card runs way (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " seek an opinion publicly, strengthen the superintendency of imprest to only utility business card further. </p><p>The personage inside course of study discloses to the reporter, the Central Bank pays an enterprise to strengthen to tripartite after superintending, the hairpin after September 1 measures company of on Shanghai many imprest card to all appear of different level glide, crude guess advances card sale drops compared to the same period more than 20% . </p><p>This personage analysis says, department of Commerce is imprest to only utility business the superintendency method of card " very deal with concrete matters relating to work, maneuverability is strong " , won't make the use that press sheet the regular consumption demand of imprest [url=]Gucci Backpack[/url] card, because this is probable,rise to carry display vigour to use to the sale of imprest card, pull secondhand move inside need the market. </p><p><b>Multipurpose advances acute of card sales volume is decreased</b></p><p>June 2010, the Central Bank was announced 2010 the 2nd file " blame finance orgnaization pays service government way " (abbreviation 2 article) , set among them, tripartite pays an enterprise to was not obtained before September 1, 2011 " pay business licence " , will not get continue to pursue relevant business. Accordingly, was regarded what multipurpose advances the tripartite such as calorie of company pays a company on September 1, 2011 " life and death is restricted greatly " . </p><p>According to the list that Central Bank website released on August 31, 2011, get free of be an official, Shanghai to buy except Shanghai, the imprest card that Shanghai Fu Youjin be in harmony obtains a part to visit town is issued with outside accepting business to permit license plate, the An Fubao with 100 subordinate couplet (namely OK gets stuck) , farming the advantage with industrial and commercial subordinate supermarket is connected, the Si Ma below banner of fir heart science and technology [url=]Gucci Clutches[/url] gets stuck especially, and Shanghai pays cost to connect information to serve company of on the Shanghai such as limited company many imprest card to all did not obtain hair license plate. </p><p>After September 1, because whether can the Central Bank be engaged in tripartite paying business to still do not have clear specification to foreign capital, company of Si Ma spy does not have the Shanghai that has foreign capital background those who appear in the Central Bank is fair show list to go up, also did not stop new card to distribute the work. </p><p>And a few parent companies such as 100 couplet have the imprest card company that has commercial site oneself to use flexible method, stop hair drifting old card can be known in outflow of 100 couplet system, instead issues red " 100 couplet sales promotion accumulates bit of card " , this piece of card can be in only interior of system of 100 couplet group includes city of 100 couplet E, couplet companion of mansion of Hua Chao city, Hua Lianchao city, rapid a person engaged in some particular pursuit, Oriental [url=]Gucci Evening[/url] business, the 100th goods, the 18th hundred use, be equivalent to will " multipurpose is imprest card " turn for " only use is imprest card " . </p><p>In addition, shanghai pays cost to connect information to serve limited company to wait for company of pure without what have commercial site oneself hairpin, ask strictly according to the superintendency of the Central Bank, stop put on sale to get stuck newly, but the card putting an amount before this is insusceptible. </p><p>The reporter advances from much home chief is in know related card company yesterday, after September 1, no matter be the Shanghai that did not stop to issue new card company of Si Ma spy, still use flexible method instead to issue " only use is imprest card " 100 couplet, its advance card circulation all appears to glide compared to the same period, glide extent exceeds 20% , achieved likely even 30% . </p><p>"Such falling quite breathtaking. " personage of know the inside story expresses to the reporter, because advance the circulation that blocks a company every months presents ascendant state of month by month before this, but now not only did not grow, begin to drop considerably instead. "Rely on imprest card to help the commercial company that move to [url=]Gucci Hobos[/url] those half sale, imprest card sales volume drops to its inevitable ground the sale of oneself commerce site causes negative effect. " Qi Xiaozhai of professor of center of Shanghai trade news tells a reporter. </p><p><b>Provide most " power " clause</b></p><p>In eye of the personage inside course of study, the Central Bank is strengthened unit client will be affected after superintending the quantity buying check of this one main purchasing power, inevitable meeting causes the fall of imprest card circulation, and provide most to unit client in superintendency measure " power " the clause is made for real name namely and the bank turns Zhang. </p><p>" pay an orgnaization to advance card business runs way (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " in regulation, the person that buy check buys nominative and imprest check or one-time buy not nominative and imprest check 10 thousand yuan (contain) when above, should use real name. Hairpin orgnaization ought to identify portion of the person that buy check, the status that register is primary information, check effective identity document, and keep is effective the photocopy of identity document or photocopy. The outside has an analysis to think, real name is afore-mentioned [url=]Gucci Shoulder Bags[/url] Central Banks ask for the largest window in opinion draft. </p><p>The personage inside course of study is analysed to the reporter, except real name, the unit is one-time buy imprest check 5000 yuan (contain) above RMB should turn through the bank Zhang means is bought, imprest card must not be used at or covert use at collecting ready money, must not have overdraw the regulation such as the function, also be to make unit client reduce one of main reasons that buy imprest check. </p><p>"Undeniable, client of a lot of units buys imprest check is for a few more contented ' public relations demand ' . To having the client of these demand character, they do not wish to let trend of this share capital have for certain according to can be being checked. " the personage inside course of study thinks, from this angle character, the Central Bank moves this punish advances card business achieved anti-corruption goal on certain level. </p><p>It is reported, imprest card is in while consumer brings all sorts of advantage, also reduce bribery [url=]Gucci Top Handles[/url] to take bribes gradually however the tool that waits for all sorts of corrupt phenomena. Because go to advance card did not use real name to make for the most part, this increased to be opposite " return a dot " the superintendency difficulty that wait for commercial bribery or takes bribes through advancing card undertakes bribery directly, also be a few illegal elements " wash money " , set now, the dodge a tax space that left an operation. Accordingly, all the time since, outside existence uses the strong voice that real name makes to imprest card. </p><p>Nevertheless, one advances the relevant controller of calorie of company thinks, the administrative move of the Central Bank passes much ground from superintend angle strictly to set out, managing the maneuverability in the process actually lesser considering commercial company, accordingly, in anti-corruption while, also hit those who pressed imprest to multipurpose commerce check is normal buy demand. </p><p><b>Clause of Department of Commerce " very deal with concrete matters relating to work "</b></p><p>"We are in now by the Central Bank ' oblivious corner ' . " chief tells a reporter related an imprest card company that does not wish to disclose a full name, the [url=]Gucci Totes[/url] distance had gone on September 1 nearly 3 months, the Central Bank still did not extend tardy the message of imprest card license plate, allow company of numerous and imprest card " be at a loss " . </p><p>And Department of Commerce is rolled out right now " only utility business advances card runs way (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , allow imprest card company undoubtedly " light a hope again " . </p><p>"The measure of Department of Commerce very sex of deal with concrete matters relating to work, operation is strong, more the administrative demand that accords with pair of business companies. " evaluation of a personage inside course of study. </p><p>According to this personage analysis, going up to the aptitude of hairpin company, department of Commerce did not add the limitative requirement with overmuch operation very tall difficulty, just ask hairpin enterprise undertakes [url=]gucci outlets[/url] putting on record registering can. Among them, hairpin enterprise needs to manage a principle according to apanage, in begin only use trade imprest card business 30 days of introversion are industrial and commercial the business affairs that registers the ground is in charge of a branch to deal with put on record register. Key hairpin enterprise is in charge of a branch to put on record to business affairs of ground city class; Enterprise of blame key hairpin to prefectural class (or class of city of ground of municipality directly under the Central Government) commerce director branch is registered. </p><p>In [url=]gucci outlets store[/url] addition, in asking to advance card business will receive capital to deposit the special account that is in a bank entirely beforehand with the Central Bank, differ, although Department of Commerce also stipulates key hairpin enterprise should choose a commercial bank to open a special account, deposit, management receives fund beforehand, but demonstrative enterprise saves tubal fund remaining sum truly not under what receive capital remaining sum beforehand 30% can, such requirement operates a gender to advancing be provided more for card business. </p><p>Nevertheless, also included in the superintendency measure of Department of Commerce " real name is made " and " the bank turns Zhang " requirement. </p><p><p>Afore-mentioned Department of [url=]gucci bags outlet[/url] Commerce release " ask for an opinion to stalk of grain " in put forward, buy (charge a cost) nominative card and one-time buy (charge a cost) 10 thousand yuan (contain) above is not nominative the unit of card or individual, hairpin enterprise should undertake real name is registered; Be opposite at the same time the unit is one-time buy check (charge a cost) amount amounts to 5000 yuan (contain) above or individual are one-time buy check (charge a cost) amount amounts to 50 thousand yuan (contain) of above, hairpin company should turn through the bank Zhang means, do not get collection ready money. The requirement of these two clauses and Central Bank is identical. </p><p>But, chief tells a reporter however related afore-mentioned imprest card companies that do not wish to disclose a full name, although Department of Commerce and Central Bank are in,the bank turns the requirement on Zhang is identical, but Department of Commerce superintends the measure that go up to have operation sex more than the Central Bank in other fund, because this won't be hit,control the normal [url=]louis vuitton bags[/url] demand that buy check. </p><p>Qi Xiaozhai thinks, among them difference basically depends on, advance with multipurpose card is compared, imprest card uses only use lesser at bribery of give sb a present to wait " corrupt behavior " , after because this reasonable and normative only use is imprest,getting stuck, decreased to buy the consumptive venture of the person that get stuck, can promote the consumption of [url=]louis vuitton outlet[/url] shopping card instead, rise to be pulled secondhand move inside needed action. </p>(Article origin: Author of Oriental morning paper: Old China)jingruibmq
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