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Delfino this season through injury 10 games, including the end of the regular season last four games.
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On behalf of the bucks in 54 games, delfino 53 starts, he averaged can get 9 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.3 assists.
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The bucks regret the playoffs this season, they made 31-35 regular season record of negative in the east ninth.
04.05.2012 04:10  
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Bosh get son to return to New York

May 4,, NBA news. The arrival of a baby joy heat power forward Chris bosh has returned to New York, he will take part in the team and the first round of the knicks series third

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The news that his wife is after birth, local time Wednesday night, bosh by private plane from New York back to Miami.
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Today three in the morning local time, bosh and his wife Adrienne first child was born.
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"For their families, this is a great time." Miami coach Eric-graham, Stella said.
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Bosh plane will be on at 4 PM local time today about landing in New York, he is expected to get back to before the start of the game, the game at 7 PM. "He (bosh) is very

excited," graham, Stella said. "he may not have a good rest, but his XingFenJin is dye-in-the-wood."
04.05.2012 04:40