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descargar Fondos de pantalla de Planet Express gratis
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Planet Express

Planet Express
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Planet Express

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<p>Last week, 12.5 billion yuan of dollars buy Gu Ge the message with mobile Motolora, shock whole IT group. The Motolora of business of stage of American national treasure that having 83 years of histories by year only Gu Ge incorporate into one's own forces of 13 years old. </p><p>"Shake! Astonish! Be mysterious! " all along with the England with composed celebrated reason " economics person " magazine, in reporting at the beginning use consecutively 3 exclamation, in order to express the shock that to this picket trades. </p><p>Before long, motolora is the pronoun of wireless communication. The car holds machine of colour television of radio, complete transistor, microprocessor, interphone, pager, hand-hold portable telephone (beehive phone) the classic that waiting ever was it. </p><p>Leaf through the history of Motolora, found from 1928, glory and dream accompany Motolora communication all the way, its started IT and communication trade on the technology countless the first. In its in 80 old histories, motolora appears time and again error, can like the miracle renascent revive even. </p><p>Can Gu Ge become the Immanuel of Motolora? Whether can Motolora revive again? Industry of this communication that be called " downfallen noble " company, hand in the destiny in others hand for the first time. </p><p><b>"Send message at any time and place "</b></p><p>The Chinese knew Motolora company through the pager, chinese market introduced to Motolora the peak of the industry, its hold pager market share to exceed 80% for a time. </p><p>"We also see media reports ability knows this news, a bit rumour does not have company interior between. " an engineer of Motolora discloses, "Two years ago, when outstanding achievement is bad, company interior is being passed should sell Gu Ge. Outstanding achievement anabiosised later everybody thought to had walked out of trough, did not think of so brash sold, it is very accident really. It is very accident really.. </p><p>"Look Motolora already self-distrust relies on his ability to walk out of current difficult position. " after the message that should be informed motor to be bought, telegraphic industry expert flies to blurt out this word like net CEO Xiang Ligang. This once the 10 big companies on American history, after had walked along 80 old years, in the octogenarian exhausted already condition all is shown. </p><p>If say IPhone represented a kind of style, that Motolora represented a period. When Motolora manufactures mobile telephone of generation imitate, the Nuojiya of build up of lumber processing factory have not sortie is wireless communication. Motolora by the Chinese hep, those who lean is a pager (BP machine) . </p><p>Before the mobile phone gains ground, the Bravo number pager that Motolora rolls out gave the masses a chance that enjoys newest mobile product. 1983, shanghai opens station of the first paging of Chinese, BP machine enters China, "Motolora pager, send message at any time and place " the market that advertisement makes knows alley to hear. The digital pager that can have a Motolora in those days once was the luxury that countless people long for day and night. Airframe sets upright sheet of Xiang Hewen word to discharge buy to carry modelling on the head, besides the telephone number that can show call person, still can show simple number and alphabetical information. </p><p>Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, tide and Motolora collaboration research and development give chance of notify sb of a phone call of the first Chinese character (Chinese show) , people again also need not full street looks for a phone to answer paging, one dogged the reporter of 10 old development recollects telegraphic course of study to sob deeply in those days: "I in those days a monthly wages just 200 yuan, do not eat to be not drunk put two years of ability to be bought quite Chinese show. Still are not disrelished expensive, must holds person ability in the palm to be done. Inchoate those who sell a pager profiteered, machine of a BP earns 1800 it is normal. At that time (Beijing) the ground installs door ave is a pager a street, each wicket face, the pager sells in front, paging stage is from the back. " she says. </p><p>Paging line of business created period of a sudden huge profits, arrived 4 years of 1998 1995, the whole nation adds paging user newly every year to all be in 15.93 million above, paging industry grew peak 2000. The sell like hot cakes of the pager causes paging stage to be like the blossom everywhere like emerge, "Occupied you breathe out I! " make the statement with that most modern age. </p><p>1992, motolora establishs a company in Tianjin, build a plant, put semiconductor and machine of notify sb of a phone call to Tianjin. "The consideration that originally I began 1992 is lose money in business, did not think of machine of notify sb of a phone call made money the first year, and earned a lot of money, took the first pail of gold, the China after also proving reforming and opening the huge demand to communication product. " before Cai Guoxiong of senior vice president ever was opposite Motolora company whole world media discloses, in those days Chinese market introduced to Motolora the peak of the industry, its hold pager market share to exceed 80% for a time. </p><p><b>Times of open hand-hold portable telephone</b></p><p>Imitate communication times, motolora mobile phone resembles a big brick, price all is in 20 thousand yuan of above, hit a phone to come " very pull wind " . </p><p>1973, the whole world that Motolora sends palpability to have two bricks volume about the first wireless mobile telephone, the tongue of sip making a person with expensive price, after this corresponds in whole imitate times, motolora is the only mobile phone manufacturer on the world and provider of top class and wireless equipment almost. </p><p>generation mobile is based on imitate signal, aerial technology and the level that imitate signal handles a technology decided the stand or fall of the product. And the exterior style of the product uses a consideration far from. In technical respect, do not have a company to be able to challenge Motolora. Accordingly, the mobile phone of Motolora although appearance " deformed " resemble a big brick, but price all is in 20 thousand yuan of above, only old bosses just are used. Take indicate like the identity in the hand same, because this was brought up " hand-hold portable telephone " one word, also make one of principal stage property of film of that time Hong Kong. 1987, home has 3000 people to have hand-hold portable telephone about at that time, times of Chinese mobile telephone begins from now on. </p><p>"Signal of hand-hold portable telephone is bad still at that time, often should stand pinnacled look for signal, but beater is taken feel very pull wind. " an employee of Chinese telecommunication is recollected, "The shift in at that time has not held water, telecommunication also does mobile business. The mobile phone still sells in telegraphic postal service hall, have 2 type of motor only, 9800 with 8800, number is 9 words nob, the earliest mobile phone has 6 number 90XXXX only. " " the waist fastens BP machine, the hand holds hand-hold portable telephone in both hands " it is the classical figure that becomes result public figure in those days. </p><p>Arrive on century 90 time, the strategic centre of gravity of Motolora has come by semiconductor industry move in the ascendant wireless communication course of study. "Imitate machine times is the world of Motolora, their forestall the market share of nearly 100% . Their salesperson is to sit in the office, agency looks for a relation to hold knack in the palm to queue up entire money comes pick up the goods. " and the place when Nuo radical Adam and Motolora are having great difference. </p><p>"We phone the wireless bureau of countrywide each district, communication management board promotes Nuojiya mobile phone, great majority does the person of communication to had not listened to this brand, a lot of people just listened to our introductory bang ground to hang the phone. " Nuojiya is big Chinese division is advanced bud of chief inspector teach plaints to seize the hardship that feed in Motolora tiger's mouth-jaws of death in those days. </p><p>1994, the Motolora of 500 strong companies of world is in complete China the most top class country trade office building handles official bussiness. "Can the trade of nation of pass in and out with bright dress, entering Motolora company should be downstage in those days the dream of college graduate. My every monthly wages 200 yuan, but the logistics month income of hair pencil is sent in Motolora,pass 1000. If can work to make a person jealous in Motolora! " afore-mentioned reporter introductions, the old stuff of Motolora and the leader that a few have level still can enjoy welfare to divide a room at that time, this also does not see more in the foreign enterprise. </p><p>1997, in Motolora in the income of 29.7 billion dollar, semiconductor business is occupied arrive than dropping 21% , the wireless communication business such as beehive mobile telephone and pager is occupied 53% . Other company wants to compete with Motolora, can place a hope only at leaving generation. </p><p><b>Lose in iridium star plan</b></p><p>During with the European manufacturer that Nuojiya is a delegate busy move reclaims GSM virgin land, motolora plans in the iridium star with baronial conception, lost GSM first machine. </p><p>Motolora is early when system of communication of imitate of research and development, with respect to understanding the number corresponds is big trend. Opposite at imitate technology, digital technology emissive range is wider, interference rejection force is powerful, imitate mobile phone communicates only function, digital technology can support an incoming telegram to show however, notify sb of a phone call and short message business. Digital communication after this is called standard of the 2nd acting mobile (2G) . </p><p>The GSM standard of digital mobile results from Europe, go up century at the beginning of 90 time, when the European manufacturer that is a representing with Nuojiya busy move reclaims GSM virgin land during, motolora plans in the iridium star with baronial conception, move many technical staff toward responsible " iridium star " branch. </p><p>Iridium star plans only then 1987, motolora puts forward to surround with 77 the satellite communications net that low course satellite of the earth makes cover the whole world, because do not need technical area base station, why dot can allow to have communication on the earth. The whole world was stunned after iridium star plans to announce, the Chinese Academy of Sciences still reviews this matter for in those days the whole world first of news of 10 old science and technology. </p><p>Cost 11 years, after investing 50 much dollars, 1998, this global head large low course satellite communications system, also be the operation of wireless communication system with the biggest whole world. Ceng Zaike has used iridium heavenly body when shake of earth of Suo Wo war, Taiwan. But giant early days invests and annual the equipment of a few dollars upholds charge, make iridium star mobile phone collects fees exalted, it is the product that faces common people no longer, the company announced to go bankrupt 2000 the ability when protection developed more than 20000 clients. </p><p>Iridium star is connecting the bubble that a beauty left only on true history, because Motolora went to energy dispersedly on iridium star, lost the optimal opportunity that competes in digital communication times with Nuojiya. Additional, technical drive Motolora distains to GSM standard terribly, they in those days on the CDMA level that stake owns half market share in American market. CDMA standard common weighs 2.5G, communicate quality and confidential sex are better, radiation is lower. </p><p>Motolora judgement, choice CDMA will continue its are in the old position of imitate times. But 1993, a few 40 countries that include China inside all used GSM level, 1996, digital technology came true to be replaced in the round to imitate technology. Right now, motolora just phone of number of GSM of throw on the market, than European manufacturer full late 4 years. </p><p><b>Mobile market throne is not protected</b></p><p>Ground of Motolora innovation sex rolled out fold mobile phone, but enter 21 centuries, the number one position of Motolora becomes loose, nuojiya is in thick after accumulating thin hair, surmount its. </p><p>Although Motolora lost the development good chance when GSM starts, but be accumulated very quickly by right of the technology with deep oneself and brand acknowledge spends try hard to catch up, it is before 21 centuries arrival, sit firmly the throne on mobile market. </p><p>1996, ground of Motolora innovation sex rolled out mobile phone of the first fold -- , the treasure in StarTac 328 palm, overturned the traditional idea of mobile phone massiness, besides bulk cabinet besides, still deserve to have a variety of color case. This once sold the mobile phone with highest quantity on money world, although have numerous sequela, but still became us hard the memory of give up. </p><p>"Of fold machine roll out, established Motolora to be in domain of fold modelling mobile phone is not movable shaken regnant position. Fold machine more accord with Asian use habit, the fold machine that in there still is a lot of on home market up to now, senile consumer is Motolora embraces wholesale. " controller of company of chain of one home famous mobile phone introduces. </p><p>Fold machine explodes after issueing power, motolora makes persistent efforts with market of go on an expedition of machine of V series fold, sales volume innovates repeatedly tall. Of the summit summit that the V998 that appeared on the market 2000 is Motolora V series make. "12880 yuan are when V998 just began to appear on the market, the consumptive ability at that time is far be inferior to now, v998 can appear in street almost each place. " this controller is recollected. </p><p>2002, it is OK that Motolora is rolled out the V70 of 360 degrees of lids coming back, it is had deft airframe and burnish metallic lubricious crust, its are especially big liquid crystal screen with deep-sea blue setting is setting, jing letting a person is colourful. </p><p>But the declining tendency that the success of a few a few products can not mask Motolora whole to develop. Enter 21 centuries, the number one status of Motolora appears become loose, nuojiya is in thick after accumulating thin hair, begin to rise abruptly. 2000, the market share of Motolora already dropped 13% , nuojiya increases to 31% , count later year, the market share of Motolora wanders in all the time 15% the left and right sides. </p><p>2003, motolora share price drops to 8 dollars the following, competitor Nuojiya's share price rose in 4 years 544% . Unsuccessful eventually needs to find scapegoat, wall street and investor criticise Calvin is familial ceaselessly the grandchildren of father overcomes Lisituofu Calvin " did not formulate the strategy that gives a clarity " , drove a board of directors out of its. Right now, calvin is familial the share that holds Motolora already was decreased to 2.5% , motolora breaks away from familial type formally to manage, shunt handler is in charge of making. </p><p><b>Downfallen before momentary recovery of consciousness just before death</b></p><p>Product of progressively and downfallen Motolora mobile phone still " the pen that the god comes to " , the V3 that rolled out 2004 still is maintaining market sales volume to surpass 100 million record up to now. </p><p>Calvin is familial the origin with Motolora is OK restrospect to 1928, in those days, the Calvin production company that brother of Paul · Calvin founds, carry radio name in order to produce a car, MOTOROLA is the brand of this kind of radio, meaning for " mobile sound " , MOTOROLA made company name later. </p><p>"World War II " during, the photograph that the SCR300 walkie-talkie of Motolora is accompanying allied forces to land Normandy between one night famed whole world. 1966, human first time enters a month, si Telang of astronaut A Mu speaks that on the moon " the one half step that this is an individual, but the one stride that is the mankind however " when, those who use is Motolora communication equipment. </p><p>1967, motolora production gives chance of colour television of the first complete transistor of American; Roll out 68000 general microprocessor successfully, in this respect, it once was the adversary with most driving Intel. </p><p>IT group is senior personage, " the peak of tide " author Wu Jun says in the book, arrive on century at the beginning of 90 time, motolora is handled in signal of mobile, number and computer processor 3 domains are the Player with the most powerful technology on the world. 1990, the turnover of Motolora exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight dollars, IBM and AT&T are next to in IT company. </p><p>Wu Jun thinks, if Motolora can sweep the deck 3 big markets, it will be today undoubtedly the biggest IT company on the world. Although it can forestall among them, also be gigantic without bully company. Very regretful, it also was not done good. </p><p>Even if is in 21 centuries are progressively and downfallen, the mobile phone product of Motolora still " the pen that the god comes to " . The V3 that rolled out 2004, still maintaining market sales volume to surpass 100 million record up to now. </p><p>"When the mobile phone still compares massiness, motolora designs with respect to the hope thin to assemble the product that sees do not come out in jacket pocket. This type is returned generally in the mobile phone is cut a figure really in the sort of times that does not have originality, in the market each domain sweep ultrathin tornado, motolora still puts character to want to deprive the market again in those days the first. " this Motolora engineer says. </p><p>The makes mobile phone history go up classic case of V3, 66% what the income of this mobile phone takes whole company, it lets Motolora annual profit rose 2005 102% , the mobile phone delivers goods the volume rises 40% , motolora brand is heavy also shine opportunity of survival. The global market share that V3 lets Motolora is climbed quickly litre, 2006 from beginning to end of the fourth quarter reached culmination 23% the left and right sides. In magazine of American industry authority " PCWorld " those who choose " in going 50 years product of the most popular and optimal science and technology " in, v3 ranks 12. </p><p><b>Severe loss makes a package</b></p><p>2008, forehead of caustic of Motolora net loss reachs 4.16 billion dollar, at that time Motolora desire business of undersell mobile phone, be willing to receive without any manufacturer dish. </p><p>The outbreak of V3 developed the brains of Motolora high level. According to media reports at that time, motolora is to should let V3 sell in the whole world to internal demand give 500 million. But second half of the year began 2006, v3 sales volume begins to glide all the way. </p><p>2007, motolora is immersed in deficit of a huge sum, v3 makes target of public criticism again. "Into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He. In those days the excessive success of V3 makes Motolora did not go further not only innovation, after that more become without foresight. Fail to appear on the market in time when novice machine, when competitive aggravate, motolora tries to depreciate with V3 however will win customer, be done bad instead. " area of the China before Motolora provides such opinion high in those days the success or failure of V3. </p><p>Retreat gradually as V3 ray, motolora is in each battle line is almost overall fall. Motolora annual is clean 2007 deficit 49 million dollar, every deficit 2 cent. And before this one year net profit is 3.67 billion dollar, every accrual 1.46 dollars. Motolora still was driven to leave global second position by SamSung, market share steeps fall 10% . </p><p>The business of partner adversary aircraft that consecutive loss allows Motolora " hate sb's guts " , professional work of engine of handle of requirement of bank of Yi of · of Er of card of the 3rd large stockholder this tremendous " package " swing. For cut cost, motolora annual cuts down the member of persons employed 6700 people, hold employee sum total 11% . </p><p>To Motolora lose, the engineer culture that the board of directors thinks main reason is company interior closes is too heavy, fail to get used to mobile phone market to pull the general trends that move by market of technical drive tendercy. </p><p>"The concept of Motolora is completely it is with the product oriented, those who value a technology is excelsior, the durable sex of craft, the demand that reacts to the market is slow. And Nuojiya's successful key is with the market demand is attached most importance to, nuojiya thinks the mobile phone is fast consumable, roll out an appearance ceaselessly the design is cabinet and portable, the operation is handy the product that uses easily. " engineer of a Motolora says. </p><p>2008, forehead of caustic of Motolora net loss reachs 4.16 billion dollar, every deficit 1.85 dollars. Mobile phone branch is deficit heavy disaster area, management sex deficit is as high as 2.2 billion dollar. Appear on the market to reduce mobile phone business to be opposite the be a burden on of company outstanding achievement, motolora expresses to the outside first, this company may sell or tear apart recent situation not the mobile phone branch of beautiful. </p><p>After casting off a mobile phone, the 51% business that leave are in gain -- , although the fame of these branches is not like a mobile phone. But Motolora casts the mobile phone professional work that give to be willing to receive without any manufacturer at that time dish. </p><p><b>Stake cereal song has improvement gradually</b></p><p>Hold the post of CEO newly to be opposite Android gamble, series product is created before type the gross profit of 4 times, let Motolora see revived hope. </p><p>In July 2008, block Er · Yi Kan in radical partner drive below, trustee can announce Motolora to tear apart a plan first, affirmatory will 2009 finish cent to tear open first quarter. The plan cannot catch up with change, second borrow the crisis and global finance to seismic sea wave followings sb's heels and come, swiss credit analyst ever sent a report to say, process of mobile phone branch is torn apart in its in, need to take out ready money of 4.4 billion dollar at least, operation expenses becomes independent after including to tear apart 3.2 billion dollar, feasibility condition is Motolora is not taken at all give such brushstroke money. Tear apart after must be being delayed. </p><p>In those days the autumn, motolora with day price yearly salary 104.4 million dollar from connect high dig the mulberry that come Jay Gu takes up the post of CEO of company couplet banquet. Mulberry the amount that ground of broad axe of knife of outstanding · Gu Da reduces mobile phone platform, stop more than 10 when allow CEO is left on production to did not appear on the market mobile phone, formulate the terminal strategy that gave platform of Android of dedicated Gu Ge. Revive the target of the plan mixes United States of main with a view to, China Latin America market. </p><p>Mulberry Jay Gu is right the stake of Android gamble, saw a hope very quickly. Before still manufacturing Android mobile telephone without so much manufacturer in the market, motolora success and Verizon are wireless signed agreement of operation of mobile phone of much money Android with T-Mobile United States. </p><p>The product such as the Cliq of the Android platform that Motolora rolls out and Droid can be created for this company before type the gross profit of 4 times. These new model let Motolora see revived hope, by 2009, the sales volume of Droid is broken through 1 million. Motolora needs to sell a mobile phone of 10 million Android in a year only, can obtain with the half toward gross profit of business of whole mobile phone. </p><p>Android became the cornucopia of Motolora very quickly. 2010 the end of the year, in smartphone market, sale of Android mobile phone grew 888.8% , the market is had rate achieve 22.7% , exceed malic IOS, be next to Symbian. In those days Motolora is had in Android market rate already exceeded 50% . 2011 first quarter, android surmounts Symbian to make the whole world with the market share of 36% machine of the biggest intelligence operating system. </p><p>On the revive road of Motolora, china also is to be next to the 2nd big market of American. Motolora was holding the share of 38% above in market of Chinese Android smartphone 2010, the 2nd 3 times. Motolora respect discloses, was in China 2010 work off 2.2 million smartphones. </p><p>The driving growth of domain of machine of hotshot of indebted Yu Zhi, last year 3 quarters, branch of motor mobile phone realizes gain 3 many years first. Of after this motor go situation compare all the time firm, just announced 2 quarterly reports show this year, show income actually 3.3 billion dollar, every accrual 0.06 dollars. </p><p><b>Buy foreground to still wait for observation</b></p><p>The analysis thinks Gu Ge may withhold Motolora patent, sell mobile phone brand and business next. Motolora whether recast is brilliant still need observation. </p><p>2011 the beginning of the year, motolora undertakes to its business large-scale tear apart, cent moves for Motolora solution and Motolora two big major servicing, mobile company market prise 9 billion dollar. "We already walked out of lowermost cereal. " of the first month of president of division of Motolora big China ever was stated so. </p><p>To tearing apart, mulberry it is good that Jay Gu thinks to motor mobile phone the development of business is one big profit. He ever was opposite express, the motor after fractionation is [url=]louis vuitton bags[/url] a large ship no longer, however a company that can make a decision more quickly begin to carry [url=]cheapest louis vuitton handbags[/url] out, "After we tear open a branch, decision-making speed will be accelerated, and corresponding new product rolls out speed to also can be accelerated. And corresponding new product rolls out speed to also can be accelerated.. </p><p>Gu Ge is right of Motolora [url=]cheap louis vuitton handbags[/url] buy also let in the bookshops answer recall, gu Ge sells after there is hearsay motor to prepare to had done business when 2009. This whether is buying is those who premeditate long already Gu Ge to enter smartphone field important one pace? Li Kaifu of innovation [url=]authenticating louis vuitton handbags[/url] workshop CEO thinks, meaning of cereal song this action is in patent, patent is very valuable; Not be every company wants to make an apple; The company cannot betray its gene. </p><p>"Brand of machine of the handle after Gu Ge comes down patent [url=]real louis vuitton handbags[/url] reservation probably sells with business, after all of Gu Ge advocate battalion or search, train of thought of its business development and profit pattern too as big as hardware manufacturer difference. Although Gu Ge ever hoped to make intelligent machine like [url=]original louis vuitton handbags[/url] the apple, he is OK accredit or it is the production that stick a card, without necessary hold company of a mobile phone, after all so much manufacturer used Android platform, him Gu Ge also becomes the word of the mobile phone, namely already ump member [url=]genuine louis vuitton handbags[/url] become an athlete again, can cause other firm dissatisfaction. " Motolora engineer analysis says. </p><p>To the prospective blue print of Motolora, cereal song respect did not give divulge, just state Motolora will serve as independent business section to run, and [url=]designer louis vuitton handbags[/url] Gu Ge is changeless to the open sex policy of Android platform, the Android equipment that continues to be developed with Android partner and offer innovation. </p><p>Motolora draws near on Gu Ge is cultivated this greatly, sold a good price oneself not only, also [url=]louis vuitton 2011[/url] acquired capital market approbate, motolora shift stock rose greatly that day 55.78% . But basis before [url=]louis vuitton outlets[/url] experience, be in without an any mobile phone manufacturers after sufferring a defeat can stage a [url=]louis vuitton wallets[/url] comeback, because the competition of mobile phone industry is very intense,this basically is, and consumer [url=]louis vuitton speedy[/url] also is being changed ceaselessly to the grade of the product. In the mobile Internet times of nowadays, below any cases that present exponential level enlarge successfully with error, is the Motolora that having 83 years of histories returned can is recast brilliant? </p><p><b>Read related: </b></p><p><b>Before cereal song whole world is advanced Li Kaifu of CEO of workshop of vice-president, innovation: </b></p><p><b>Gu Ge buys motor [url=]louis vuitton for men[/url] meaning to be in patent</b></p><p>Before cereal song whole world is advanced Li Kaifu of CEO of workshop of vice-president, innovation thinks, a consequence that Gu Ge buys Motolora to move is, the competition of the market is who has best product [url=]louis vuitton shoulder bag[/url] merely no longer, however who has most patent. Final likelihood forms 3 patent pools, have dominant of song of Microsoft, apple, cereal respectively. These 3 patent pools will achieve proper balance. Can restore market competition later again, but the 4th intervened very hard. </p><p><b>Android is allied won't disintegrate</b></p><p>In buy a few days ago, gu Ge gives out Bo Wen, condemning malic Microsoft to browbeat with patent compete [url=]original louis vuitton[/url] instead. If the situation continues, so the accredit cost that every hardware business can [url=]louis vuitton damier[/url] discover it wants paid patent fee to exceed an operating system. Such to Android gain ground, the interest of reasonable ecosystem allocates, of mobile even Internet gain ground to have tremendous negative effect. So, gu Ge buys Motolora, the oldest structure is [url=]genuine louis vuitton[/url] affected even if avoided unreasonable patent big fight. </p><p>After Gu Ge buys Motolora, can form the soft hardware forestall inside Android alliance, bring about allied disintegrate thereby? Should not. Gu Ge is a devotional and open company, offer opening operating system [url=]louis vuitton cheap[/url] of source mobile phone freely is to popularize ecosystem, increase tiring-room to search the service such as the map. Won't change at this o'clock. </p><p>Gu Ge ever said to want to have 1 billion user only for many times, it is very easy to make money. The Android system that opens freely today has brought the tiring-room income that exceeds every 5 dollars, be opposite so for Gu Ge, having huge market to have frank ability is kingcraft. Motor has the smartphone share of 15% only, gu Ge is satisfied impossibly at becoming the software provider of onefold motor. So Gu Ge must continue to accomplish [url=]authentic louis vuitton[/url] open alliance, offer source system in time to give a firm. </p><p>A lot of manufacturers (for example HTC, all alone loves) already stated support is bought, and they are true also choice of it doesn't matter. Because Android of this cereal song is allied at least short-term won't appear to metaphase problem, if Gu Ge can have been done on window of patent, firewall, android alliance can continue to grow quickly. </p><p><b>Motor and cereal song culture are different</b></p><p>Patent respect, gu Ge buys motor, namely meaning in patent. It will use gotten patent, the patent of the patent [url=]louis vuitton suitcase[/url] that still has IBM and itself comes defend all hardware manufacturers, offer namely at least patent protection of the part, the member that makes Android allied need not dread again Microsoft and malic lawsuit. </p><p>And the relation respect in Motolora and other firm, since Gu Ge had bought motor, the hardware that also should make motor pretty good of course continues to had been done. Motor such company and cereal song culture are different, and motor brand has enormous value, must let it continue to be run independently so, get reasonable Gu Ge supports. Perhaps its partial product can be used to make flagship product (mix at the outset Nexus of Gu Ge mobile phone is same) , but won't arrive overly make other hardware manufacturer indignant. </p><p>In Microsoft respect, microsoft need not buy Nuojiya on urgent horse. Nuojiya already became user of iron lever Microsoft, present urgent affairs is the hardware business that goes contacting an useful Android, look whether course intimidate lure by promise of gain (lawsuit + market allowance) , get a few hardware business that use Windows Phone again. Future is right of Nuojiya buy be a likelihood, but should meet had been c jingruibmq
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