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Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity
Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity
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descargar Fondos de pantalla de Peugeot 908-V12-HDI gratis
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Peugeot 908-V12-HDI

Peugeot 908-V12-HDI
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Peugeot 908-V12-HDI

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Descargar fondo de Peugeot 908-V12-HDI
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Lvjing Hai introduced from an international point of view, some countries have already implemented a 65-year-old or 68-year-old retired policy. Some physical conditions may not allow 10-year extension, extended to two or three years, <b>[url=]cheap designer Jewelry[/url]<b>
little effect, for which he suggested that China should be extended by five years is appropriate.

He understood that after the authorities to a survey conducted by the Shanghai pilot, at least more than 7 percent of the people involved in favor of the pilot elastic delay to receive the basic pension.

Chu Fu-ling: Fund to increase revenue to reduce spending

Chu Fu Ling, director of the Central University of Finance <b>[url=]cheap designer handbags[/url]<b>
and Social Security Research Center, told reporters that China's policy on retirement age, or developed in the 1970s, so far has been about 40 years, the population increase in life expectancy, family planning, but also makes the payment to a corresponding decline in the number of the policy environment and large changes in the social environment, the flexibility to delay the basic pension has become an inevitable trend.

If the system the flexibility to delay the basic pension age policy, supposed to be retired during this period continue to pay the one hand, to make up for the deficiencies of the total amount of funds, on the other hand, relative reduction in the expenditure <b>[url=]cheap designer sunglasses[/url]<b>
of the Fund. This will make our country the pension insurance fund more stable operation and expenses.

Chu Fu Ling also stressed the flexibility to delay the basic pension is a people's livelihood and the people directly involved in the vital interests of the policy. In order to reduce this may cause social unrest, so that the effectiveness of policies to maximize the policy should not be size-fits-all implementation of appropriate, <b>[url=]wholesale cheap handbags[/url]<b>
should be taken to the voluntary principle of flexibility intervention to implement.

■ view of employment

Lvjing Hai: to stimulate the economy new jobs

Lvjing Hai, the flexibility to delay the basic pension policy, if implemented, will do the elderly occupied by young people to work. In this regard, countries <b>[url=]wholesale designer sunglasses[/url]<b>
should be to stimulate economic growth, new jobs, to alleviate this problem.

His analysis, private enterprises and foreign enterprises, joint ventures, to attract a large number of employment staff in order to enable flexibility to delay in receiving the basic pension policies can be implemented smoothly, it seems, or should the broad-brush approach to enforce appropriate.

Chu Fu-ling: each year involving tens of millions <b>[url=]wholesale designer handbags[/url]<b>
of people

Chu Fu Ling told reporters in the country to implement the flexibility to delay the basic pension policies each year may involve tens of millions of people, and thus lead to the problem of young people unable to enter these positions. This massive amount of posts can not be vacated, may be <b>[url=]designer handbags for less[/url]<b>
difficult through the newly developed position, such as to resolve all of a sudden.

In this regard, he suggested that China should begin as soon as possible to establish the flexibility to delay the basic pension system. System design can take the sub-regional, sub-industry, <b>[url=]mens shoes for less[/url]<b>
sub-populations, the progressive implementation of the steps to different standards.
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