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Silent Hill
Silent Hill
Juegos y Videojuegos
Puntuación: 10.00

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Che Guevara

Che Guevara
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Che Guevara

Fecha: 01.09.2009 17:01
Puntuación: 1.14 (22 Votos)
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Will bear the bridge's Procuratorate yesterday Yuechi groups of women and children trafficking cases, prosecuted to the Yuechi County Court Yesterday, Yuechi County Procuratorate will bear the bridge gang trafficking in women and children cases, the Yuechi County Court. Prosecution Section Yuechi County Prosecutor's Procuratorate, said it was his 20 years in prosecution work, the greatest experience with trafficking cases, the light of the case file and there is more than 50, less than 3 meters high barrier up, he and colleagues took After half a month before the case review. Yuechi Police said the gang crime locations around the bridge bear Sichuan, Guizhou, [url=]ugg boots[/url] Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Hubei and other provinces, the gang members were arrested up to 14. The case was the Ministry of Public Security as the Governor of cases, the bridge bears the main suspects were listed as A-level Ministry of Public Security Suspects. October 4, bears the bridge was successfully Yuechi County Public Security Bureau seized. November 5, police will bear the bridge gang Yuechi Dossiers Procuratorate for examination and prosecution of trafficking. Reported trafficking of the mysterious pull of major Last year, the end of December, the Public Security Bureau received a thick stack of Yuechi report material, said county active in a gang trafficking in women and children ... ... police interviewed found that the reported content is true. January 19 this year, the Public Security Bureau began Yuechi file for investigation and name it "119" series trafficking case, was set up by the Secretary Wen Cheng Chung, head of the task force. As the investigation deepens, with large trafficking in women and children, the case has been revealed. This series of cases involving trafficked women and children more than more than 10 suspects, crime locations mainly in Sichuan Yuechi throughout Guizhou, Guangxi, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Hubei and other provinces. Cases reported to the Ministry of Public Security, pay close attention. April this year, Ministry of Public Security Yuechi "119" series of cases of trafficking cases as the Department of the Governor. After months of effort, many went to the police Yuechi Fujian, Guangxi, Guizhou, Shandong, Henan and other places and arrested 13 suspects, but bear bridge main suspects still at large. A-Main Fanxian fugitives listed Police identified 47-year-old bridge bears [url=]ugg boots sale[/url] the town of residence for August Yuechi Pu village, but not at home for many years. He had only primary school education, but a quick mind, sixteen-year-old to run out, following the implementation of others on the train pickpocketing, theft, punishment many times by public security organs. In 2002, bears the bridge was sentenced for theft, released from prison after the turn to human trafficking. The investigation has revealed that he is the main series of cases of trafficking suspects. Bear bridge in 1985 and married a woman in Northeast, because of its long-term out illegal activities, his wife ten years ago she took her daughter living in Henan, Yuechi home only 80-year-old father. When the police asked about the bear to the old bridge in the case, the old man to tears: "I may not see the bear years of bridge construction, and did not reach him." September 27 this year, Ministry of Public Security announced a suspected human trafficking, A-level fugitives, bears bridge list. In the afternoon, the panel head of the Chung-Wen Cheng of the panel members convened capture programs, and strive to bridge bears an arrest as soon as possible. September 30, the panel met again on the escape route of the bridge bear to develop capture program. Arresting police initiated security tracing Rd Investigation by police in tune, to identify the bridge has two younger brothers bear in Chongqing and Zhejiang Jinhua were working, a friend named character work in Xiangfan, Hubei Province, and a friend Tao Liang (a pseudonym) living in Linshui County. Task force was also informed that, the Bears played bridge workers in Dongguan, Guangdong, his wife living in Henan. "Bear bridge may come and go in these places." September 30 evening, 30 more than 5 Road initiated security police were rushed to Chongqing, Zhejiang Jinhua, Xiangfan, Hubei Province, Dongguan, Guangdong, Henan. Police also sent a team to bear the bridge with his home town of Linshui County Puan the months of waiting for a town. A few days later, Henan, Hubei Xiangfan, Dongguan, Guangdong, [url=]ugg boots uk[/url] Chongqing, group 4 to's arrest came the information: not found Bear bridge. Jinhua in Zhejiang, the panel bears police took pictures of the bridge one by one into the plant asked. October 4 9 am, police went to a very modest anti-theft locks plant, janitor old man bears a closer look photos of the bridge, said: "a man and his factory like, but do not call the bridge bear . " Contact the Office of Civilian Police and the plant, through photo comparison and found work in Suochang the "Yang peace" and bears exactly the same bridge, but "Yang peace" in September 29 with the same work in a factory worker walked out. Further police investigation found that "Yang peace" while those who leave, it is the bridge of the territorial waters bear friends Liang Tao. "Crossing the masses" Class A handcuffed fugitive "'Yang peace' is certainly that bear the bridge." Police jumped almost happy. Police analysis, Liang Tao Xiong bridge may be back with the territorial waters, and immediately notify the territorial waters of Zhejiang Jinhua Zhuibu Zu Zhuibu Zu combat readiness. At 10:30 on October 4, Zhuibu Zu Linshui County a town rushed to the station. Police who could not believe my eyes: wear out iron shoes in hunting bears bridge, side of the road with people standing chatting. Police dressed in civilian clothes Zhuibu Zu territorial waters, they posed as people crossing the road, very casually walked toward the bridge bear. In its pass of the moment, a shiny handcuffs shackling the hands of the bridge bear ... ... According to confessions of criminal suspects, the most recent years, they trafficked women and children more than 30 people, most of which was born only a few days, dozens of days of the baby. As the baby grows very fast, not obvious, suspect trafficking to what they can not remember where, so verify the accuracy of the police only 10 people, other victims are still further verification, search and rescue. People can be very well aware that each case should be compensation, each case should be compensated. "Housing expropriation compensation, including compensation for expropriation and the value of the house relocation, temporary placement and to cease the loss of compensation for expropriation shall not be less than similar houses real estate market prices. "Not only in the amount of compensation, in compensation, but also stressed the optional flexible, such as the provision of replacement property, to move back and so on. The overall draft feel more emphasis compensation of humanity, to meet individual needs." [url=]air Jordan shoes[/url] President of China University of Politics and Law Professor Xue Gangling said. She is a scholar involved in the demolition of amending the law. "Also, before the demolitions, or provide monetary compensation for property rights exchange housing, working space must be in place. In addition, the draft of compensation shall be open, so that we can dispel the mutual suspicion, psychological comparisons." Qiang Chai said. Government can only impose the main Implementation of the expropriation, compensation is only one subject, and that is government. The draft version of this clear, it is also clear that housing units commissioned collection departments can undertake specific work, such as household surveys, and expropriation were negotiations, but the unit may not be for profit. Charged by the Government clearly is a complete subversion of the existing operation. The current design of the system, the Government is acting as an intermediary, by the demolition or developers to apply for demolition permits, approved by the developer after the implementation of the demolition. Become the main developer of the demolition, in order to maximize profits, often compressed as relocation compensation, speed up the progress of the demolition, resulting in some areas serious incidents have occurred. In participate in [url=]NFL jerseys[/url] the relocation or Demolition Company, which means that after the demolition permit, will completely withdraw from the stage of history. Xuegang Ling said: "The imposition of specific implementation, is actually an extension of administrative functions, it should be the cause of the preparation of this body, not for profit purposes. On the specific implementation of the collection of units and compensation behavior, the Housing Department should take charge the corresponding legal responsibility . "Remove administrative demolitions of the new draft Shen Kui, vice president of Peking University, Professor of Law confirmed that the draft new version removed the administrative demolitions. Shen Kui, last year submitted to the NPC Standing Committee on the review of "Urban Housing Demolition Management Regulations" proposed one of North five legal experts. Since then, he took part in the legislative branch will be consulted many times. Abolition of administrative demolitions is his consistent point of view. Shen Kui, said: "In the issue of forced evictions, and supervision by the court to restrain the government [url=]mbt shoes[/url] is the right balance." In fact, violent forced evictions does not mean the demolition. Most people have moved, a few people refused to move, and will affect the greater interests of the majority. Therefore, the forced relocation must be, but it is strictly prohibited to take water, power, breathe, open circuit, etc., to be imposed to force the relocation. Beijing Time IX and law firm partner Jianwen lawyer said: "Since the government is the main collection, as one of the parties, if both decided to levy compensation, but also decided to forced evictions, it would mean both a player and become a referee it? logic to be justified. So, after the government be forced to the court for demolition. "Housing Court is not imposed on the parties, the relative position of a neutral, detached; apply for [url=]Nike shoes[/url] court enforcement of some of the more stringent procedures. Some experts have analyzed the abolition of administrative demolitions, the objective will minimize the application to force the government demolition efforts to reach a compensation agreement be imposed. The latest version of the draft law has made substantial progress, such as the compensation shall be open; charge of the main only the Government, the Government can not rely on land acquisition for-profit; can not dismantling, the Government has not the right decision, the court must decide. However, to really protect civil rights, curb the violence and the demolition, I believe there is still a long way to go. The first of these provisions in articles to be truly, there is great resistance, in the current fiscal under the land, that the government is not through land expropriation, housing [url=]mbt shoes[/url] demolition to make money, to cancel its administrative adjudication, the difficulty can imagine, the work of amending the law Late last year, after a while start quietly busy year so far is the evidence. Yesterday 8:25 am, readers call 83830000 Mr. Liu: Shiqiao Village west of Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway will be a train knocked a large truck, truck across the road. Yesterday morning, the west side of the stone Shiqiao Western Shiqiao Village, a seven yard bound by the Shijiazhuang Taiyuan Railway train hit a walk through a large truck, fortunately caused no casualties. Trucks cross the road, [url=]Cosplay costumes[/url] people who travel to the vicinity of some impact. Large truck knocked over the train loud bang Yesterday 9:20 Xu, reporters rushed to the village of West Shiqiao Village is located in Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway accident. A big red truck rollover head south west side of the street railway, will forty-five meters wide Ludu tightly, allowing only bicycles, pedestrians. Both sides of the railway on end, "the train slowly through carefully," the warning signs. Has been cordoned off around large trucks, there are wearing red vests guarded the railway staff, surrounded by a few workers and villagers near the site. Large trucks are forced open the trunk, the left side of depression, no hit the mark elsewhere. Scattered in a pile of stones next to the diesel out of thirty-four meters, the distribution of strong odor. Near the site workers, according to Master Liu introduced yesterday 0:10 Xu, separated by a wall at the scene he heard a tremendous crash site. Look out, the big trucks have roll on the road, the driver climbed out from the cab, not injured, the train left the scene. Reporters did not find large truck drivers at the scene. It is introduced near the site workers, high-speed railway being built near large trucks should be delivered to the site of stone. Truck traffic out of the way around the affected Large trucks stopped in the middle of the road, blocking the access road near the village, passing vehicles can only choose to bypass. It is understood that the west side of a railway vehicle waste treatment plant and a construction site. "We have very few [url=]Abercrombie and Fitch[/url] people to the side of the villagers (Railway West) work, but every day there are many vehicles to go to the site and factory." One villager said. Yesterday, a bus carrying a big lorry parked at the bridge west of the railway. According to Master Liu described the driver yesterday morning on his car stuck in here, because the bridge can not turn around very long to wait for large trucks to be taken away. 11 am yesterday, a three-wheeled motorcycle near the site of the workers sent to lunch. However, due to large trucks stopped in the middle of the road, only shouting to the four workers, [url=]Adidas shoes[/url] the bread Linhui site. "Do not know when to tuck away the car, get in the middle of the road is really in trouble." One worker said. Pedestrians should pay attention to safety by rail It is understood that the train is bound by the Shijiazhuang Taiyuan seven yards, the car containing the goods. Yu village in the incident, West Station and Shijiazhuang Station in a section, Shiqiao Village West Village. Large trucks were traveling west, the front has been through the railway, the train hit the rear of large trucks. After the goods have a strong impact, the impact of the railway side of the cement fence Zadao. Yesterday, railway locomotive depot workers arrived and photographed the accident site and the data measured in order to investigate the specific accident causes. According to staff, said the preliminary cause of the accident to determine causes of Large trucks grab the line, the specific reasons are being investigated. It is understood that the stone through [url=]Abercrombie and Fitch sale[/url] the German city of Shijiazhuang railway, Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou railway and numerous branch, fork, there is no special care of the intersection line, the railway sector in the establishment of warning signs here, reminding passers-by, vehicles attention security. Pedestrians and vehicles in the traffic safety awareness must be strengthened when, not with the train line, to avoid danger.

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