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Ferrari F430
Ferrari F430
Autos y coches
Puntuación: 9.00

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•Bang for your buck:
If you’re hard on your belongings, or you measure longevity in decades instead of years, it may make the most sense for you to go right to the source and spend a little more up front. From Louis Vuitton to Coach Inc., specialty retailers always carry a variety of their own latest [url=]Mulberry bags[/url].
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But if you want to save up front there are lots of options.
•Shopping alternatives:
Whichever bag you covet, start with a Web search. At sites like Overstock, eBags and Bluefly, you’ll find discounts starting at roughly 10 percent. Also try auction sites like or, which sells police property. Just be on the lookout for counterfeits, which are usually made from cheaper materials and with less sturdy hardware.
Outlet stores are another option. Kate Spade, Dooney & Bourke and Coach all have them. In December, at least one lucky outlet shopper found a Kate Spade tote with a regular asking price of $375 selling for $120 at an outlet. But outlets usually don’t have the newest styles or reliable quantities of anything popular. And you may have to deal with long checkout lines.
Off-price stores like T.J. Maxx are another good bet. That chain’s website recently showed a Dooney & Bourke medium-sized jacquard fabric tote bag selling for $69, down from $195. But you may have to hit multiple locations or be ready to pounce on new stock as soon as it arrives if you have a specific item in mind.
It’s also worth checking consignment shops that are now online, including Double Take in Short Hills, N.J., which was offering a Burberry quilt satchel, normally $675, for $200. And there are always knockoffs from street sellers, and chains like Target offer bags “inspired by” popular styles, including satchel and hobo handbags for less than $20.
•Proper care:
The best way to make your new [url=]Mulberry bayswater[/url] last is to treat it well. Each week, empty it and shake it out upside down, then clean the lining with a lint roller, suggests George.
Periodically clean the outside with a specialized solution, whether your bag is made of leather, suede or cloth. Check with the manufacturer for cleaning products it makes or recommends. For minor marks, a baby wipe might even work, while the largest stains demand a trip to a professional cleaner, says accessory and style expert Pamela Pekerman.
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